Need a special product, cut or pack? Let us help.

Land & Sea Proteins operates an extensive sourcing network which includes markets from North America to the Pacific Rim. We are committed to meeting the needs of domestic and international businesses through competitive pricing; stringent quality control standards; providing reliable, on-time delivery; and offering the highest standards of customer service.

As an Import/Export Food Trading company specializing in major proteins (Center of Plate) including Beef, Seafood, Poultry, Pork & a variety of Cheeses and other related items is based on our reputation of delivering quality products on time and at the greatest value for the past 25 years.

A big part of our value is keeping our customers ahead of the curve, advising when to buy specific categories and when to wait it out. The objective is to help by making the right decisions, effectively enabling each purchase to ultimately build your bottom-line.

At Land & Sea Proteins we are passionate about proteins, offering an extensive sourcing network from North America to the Pacific Rim. The quality of our Seafood, Poultry, Beef, Pork, and Cheese products is our highest priority by offering added value to our customers through exceptional service and product selection.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is developing our relationship with you our valued customer and suppliers, done so by entrusting Land and Sea Proteins with buying, shipping and delivering the highest quality frozen proteins from around the globe.

The Difference

Land & Sea Proteins Offers
  • INCREASE your bottom line by offering Door to Door “Turn Key Service”.
  • FREIGHT volume discounts due to the amount Land & Sea Proteins ships per month
  • DOCUMENTATION for Import and Export documentation.
  • DELIVERY to any port or city worldwide. Product delivered on time.
  • FINANCING options available for large program orders.
  • PRODUCT QUALITY assurance.

We Source & Co-Produce

From Top Plants in the USA and Around the Globe.

Quality Assurance

Our products are all USDA, FDA certified and produced in Plants with the utmost Quality Control, meeting and exceeding USA standards . When selling value-added commodities, Land & Sea Proteins takes the extra step to educate you about opportunities and challenges related to the protein markets.